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Hemp Seed Clarifying  Shampoo X Afrobotanics Bonnets


Spring has sprung and it is about that time that we bring out the best versions of ourselves, by restoring balance back into our hair routine; Skin and All. In this season of #ChooseYou we encourage you to keep both your hair Nourished and balanced and our Hemp Seed Oil Range does just that.


Unlike winter, the spring season allows us the opportunity to flourish, if there is a better time to wear your hair out, it is now. Clarifying hair, is the first step to bring balance to the hair. Removing all impurities and build-up which prepares your hair and scalp for your next move.


Bonnets are also important in assisting us with maintaining a moisture balance in our hair. Bonnets are a crucial and integral part of our hair care routine, especially if we are after results.  Their primary intent is ensure that our hair stays hydrated as long as possible, ensuring that the balance is kept.  



Now is the time to work on the BALANCE you wish to attain and these two products are here to bring you just that!

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