Hello Beautiful and Divine Queens



The first month of the year is now behind us, and we cannot help but wonder if you have set out your goals for the year?


During a female empowerment session last week, we learned that what we have known as our vision board is actually a projection of the life we envision in the next 5 to 10 years.


Found this quite surprising because for the longest time we had believed that a vision board is something that we have to work on at the start of each year. But no, what we work on at the start of each year is actually our goals, developing and adjusting our goals to reach our vision.


We thought this was some insightful knowledge we had to share. If you haven’t gotten on the wagon of this journey perhaps this would be a great time to start. However you go about it, remember to tune in and find yourself, asking your most divine light to guide, so that you are always in alignment.


The universe or GOD cannot deny you what is rightfully yours and what you may need to continue to live your purpose-filled life.

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