L.O.C. Method With Black Pearl For Enhanced Moisture

Natural hair whether curly, coily, kinky, zig-zag, craves moisture. Whether 3a or 4c curl type, natural hair needs moisture.

Moisture comes from a water-based product that infuses water and nutrition to hair, including conditioning agents. However, most natural curl types cannot retain moisture beyond a day by just applying a water-based product or just applying conditioner after washing as possible with straight hair types.

Moisturising hair requires a regimen consisting of a few steps and continuous, consistent maintenance through following a regimen. The same way a facial regimen consists of a few steps, so does a natural hair regimen.

 The L.O.C Method

The most common regimen is the L.O.C Method.
L = water based liquid
O = a liquid oil
C = cream or butter, can be water-based or oil based
L.O.C Method ensures that moisture is locked into hair. Moisturised hair is bouncy, soft and shiny. Moisturised hair does not break or damage very easily.

The application of products involved in the L.O.C. Method can be applied in any order suitable to the individual. It is important to test whether starting with O.L.C may work better for an individual, no two heads are the same. It is also important to note that some heads of hair may only require L and O. This is also influenced by porosity of hair.

The Black Pearl Aloe Shea range is formulated to enhance the moisture content in hair.

 Liquid = Black Pearl Hair Juice

This Hair Juice is a water-based, highly nutritious spray formulated with Aloe juice and Shea Butter that quenches thirsty hair. It also contains pro-vitamin b5 and Vitamin E as well as naturally derived conditioning agents for healthy hair that grows longer and less likely to break. Hair Juice moisturises and makes hair easy to detangle. Hair Juice is pH balanced to close hair cuticles leaving hair soft and shiny.

 Oil = Black Pearl Oil Blend

A botanical oil blend that contains Argan Oil and Shea Butter and Vitamin E. Both these oils are able to penetrate hair shaft and also form a protective layer on hair that does not weigh hair down. A layer of oil will prevent moisture from evaporating for some curl types. It is important to remember that oil is not a moisturiser. Only water-based products add moisture to hair. Oil gives hair a natural shine, whilst feeding hair



 Cream – Black Pearl Hair Food
Formulated with botanical oils, this Hair Food is natural and highly nutritious for hair and scalp. With Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, this creamy Hair Food forms a protective layer on hair to prevent moisture loss. Hair that has moisture locked in will be soft and shiny and will be less prone to damage. It is also easy to style.

 How To L.O.C.


  1. Apply Hair Juice to hair to dampen. If the hair was washed, ensure it is also conditioned. Apply Hair Juice when hair almost feels dry.
  2. Detangle hair in sections
  3. Apply Oil Blend and leave to dry, if hair type does not require C – cream.
  4. If the hair is high porosity or is 4c, it will most likely need C = cream. Apply Hair Food on the section after Hair Juice and Oil Blend and then braid that section. Repeat until the whole head is done.
  5. Sleep with the braids or sit with braids until dry. Braiding smooths and closes hair cuticle, closing in moisture. When dry, unravel and style soft, moisturised hair.
  6. Repeat above steps daily on high porosity hair or if hair is exposed to air conditioning or heaters.
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Yandiswa 20 November, 2023

I really love the hair juice, I have been using it for the past 4 years. My struggle is the spray bottle, the spray is very tiny and the juice is quite thick, so everytime i buy the juice i always take it out and put it into another bottle. I would be much easier to spray to use if you could consider using a bigger spray.

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