5 Ways To Hot Oil Treat Your Hair

Hot oil treatments are an amazing, amazing deep conditioning treatment that leaves hair feeling good inside and out. It is a deeply nourishing treatment that resolves many hair problems. It leaves hair moisturized, shiny and soft.

People with all types of hair can do hot oil treatments, whether you consider your hair naturally oily or naturally dry, relaxed hair, natural hair, all hair types benefit immensely from this kind of treatment. Whether your hair problem is dry hair, thinning hair, breaking hair, frizzy hair, scaly or dandruff prone scalp; your hair will benefit from a hot oil treatment.

Do not be concerned that doing a hot oil treatment will leave your hair oily and weighed down because natural oils wash off easily with warm water after you are done with the treatment. You do not have to wash your hair before applying the oil, you will wash hair after treatment.

Here are a few ways in which you can incorporate an oil treatment into your hair regimen:

1. If you have low porosity hair, which is hair that has difficulty absorbing moisture because its cuticle is not penetrated easily, it is important to include a heating element during your oil treatment process.


  • You can do that by bringing water to boil in a pot
  • Place your bottle of oil in the hot water so it is warmed up to skin temperature
  • Test oil is not too hot by applying on your wrist
  • Section your hair in four parts and apply oil evenly throughout hair, focus on hair tips. Hair can be dry or damp
  • Massage the oil into your scalp as well
  • Cover with plastic cap and leave covered for 30 minutes
  • Wash off the oil with water, shampoo and then apply conditioner to your hair




2. If you do not fancy applying a hot liquid on your sensitive scalp you may consider warming the oil with a hot towel

  • Apply oil onto your damp or dry hair, if you have low porosity hair, go for damp hair
  • Cover head with plastic cap
  • Warm a damp towel in the microwave and wrap around your head
  • When the towel cools, reheat in microwave and wrap around head again
  • Do this for no less than 30mins
  • Rinse off oil, and then shampoo and condition as usual


3. If you are not up to doing the treatment by heating the oil, you can choose to “hot” oil treat using the greenhouse method:

  • Apply oil to dry hair, your does not have to be drenched in oil. Remember to cover the tips
  • Cover your hair with a plastic
  • Then cover with your usual bedtime head wrap
  • Keep oil covered on your hair overnight. Your natural body heat will be released and captured by the plastic cap and that heat will facilitate the penetration of oil into your hair
  • In the morning rinse off oil and proceed to wash and condition
  • You can also do this by leaving the oil in your and cover in a plastic and leave it all day whilst you work indoors, the point is to keep it for a few hours.
  • Then rinse off the oil, shampoo and condition

4. If you have a hooded dryer or deep conditioning heat cap:

  • Apply your oil to your dry or damp hair
  • Cover head in plastic cap and the go under hooded dryer or put on heated deep conditioning cap
  • Stay in the heated environment for 30mins
  • Rinse off with warm water, shampoo and condition

5. If you have a steamer or are going to a steam room at the gym:

  • Apply oil to dry or damp hair
  • Do not cover with plastic cap, place a towel or cotton wool strap around edges of hair to absorb dripping water or oil
  • Stay under steamer for 30 mins
  • Let hair cool down
  • Rinse off oil with warm water, shampoo and condition hair
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