How I Found Balance in My Life

As we exit Libra, the star that reminds us to find balance. I found myself reflecting on how far I have come, and have been able to find balance and peace in my life, even though my life is far from perfect.

Like most adult women, I used to find myself juggling many things, and being frustrated that I hardly achieve balance. I studied and attended many courses in pursuit of finding balance. I even attended a Tony Robbins seminar in Singapore, but I couldn’t find the code, combination that works for me.

The way I had come to describe and understand balance, is that I had to balance my external world in order to find balance within

I was seeking balance in my finances, wanting to earn my enough. Balance at work, career and business. Balance in my romantic life. Balance in my commitments to loved ones, such as my children. Balance in my physical health.

In truth these are parts that are constantly moving and changing. My understanding is that balance brings peace and the ability to really enjoy every moment. The past three years have been about turbo charged self mastery and healing for me, and I found what balance means to me, and how to attain it.

The key to balance is to find balance in Self. Not outside of Self. To be aware of mind, body and heart, and to ensure they are all in balance. This requires being still and going within. I do this through meditation. To be still in the awareness of energy that is within and without, and to bring it into balance. I still have and maintain a diary.

As an entrepreneur and a mom, my day hardly ever goes as planned. There is a crisis every day. If there is one thing I try not to compromise on, and skip, is my daily morning meditation and prayer. It sets the tone for my day. It sets my intention for the day.

My energy levels are filled up, and I ensure I let go of all unwanted feels, pains, and disappointments. Meditation wraps me and keeps me in a bubble of peace and joy, so that no matter the commotion going on about me, I remain balanced and at peace.

I meditate anything between 10mins and 60mins in the morning. And this is largely driven by whether I woke up on time. Meditation and prayer ensure I receive my daily dose of Divine vitamins and energy, that translate into the physical. GOD energy, ensures a GOOD day. Wishing you find balance and peace as we enter the final lap for 2022.


Much love,

Ntombenhle Khathwane



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