2022 Is My Best Year Yet!

2022 Is My Best Year Yet!


I used to be the girl, who sets firm resolutions and goals at the beginning of each year. At the end of the year, I would measure and rate the success of that year based on those goals. And my happiness would move up or down based on whether I felt I achieved my goals. 


The goals were mostly on tangible things, such as, career and academic advancement, investing, travel and physical well-being. Spiritual and mental health is something I also prioritised, but could not measure. I read, attended workshops, listened to audiobooks. 


2019 was my year of reckoning, where I was forced to really embark on a journey of healing. It has been over 3 years now, and I feel born again, like I am starting my life anew. I remember around May 2021, I was feeling tired and resigned, feeling my healing breakthrough would never come. Healing for me meant I would be able to let go of limiting beliefs and programming. And it was hard because a lot of my stuff went back into childhood, most of which I had blocked. 


I kept on with my therapy, dug deeper, meditations started going deeper, and the issues needing healing rose, and the healing began. 


A major consequence of my healing is coming to define success and happiness differently. They are definitely not about outward and material achievements. In fact, on a material level, I have been way better that I am now, but I am the happiest I have ever been. This is my best year yet.

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