• I like to dye my dreads, but this leaves them very dry and course. I also like styling them but that leaves my scalp stretched and scaly. Since I started using Afro Botanics Oil Treatment, Repair Spray and Anti-Itch & Anti Dandruff my dreads are soft and my scalp feels relieved after washing and styling.
  • I have had my dreads for years, and when they reached the length of my shoulders they would scratch my skin because they were hard. After I started using Afro Botanics Oil Treatment and Repair Spray my dreads were soft and nice to touch, and had less dandruff.
  • I have bleached my hair for years, and it has fallen off each time. After bleaching it this time I used Afro Botanics Repairing Conditioner daily and treated it every week, and it didn't fall or break off!