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10 Resolutions To Growing and Keeping Healthy Natural & Relaxed Hair In 2019

When it comes to our hair and getting our best hair, we get out what we put in. By putting in the time to know our hair and create and follow a healthy hair regimen we will experience our best hair. Here are our 10 suggestions that if followed will help you achieve your hair […]

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Fwd: The Incomparable Wendy Luhabe On Belief Systems; #GiftThemBeautiful – A Campaign To Build A More Equal Society

Belief Systems represent an invisible operating system, like our computers have an operating system that wires them.  Belief systems, like computer operating systems, are invisible and are operating systems, and they shape how we relate to one another, it shapes how we relate to the world, how we respond to experiences, it defines the assumptions, […]

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Shereen Makhanye On Why She Is Homeschooling Her Two Girls; Michelle Obama On Starting Reading Before Primary School And The Effect Of Attending Majority Black Schools 

#NoSpoilers So I rushed to get my hands on Michelle Obama’s book “Becoming” and have squeezed in a read whenever I can.  In the first part of the book where she details how she grew up to the years when she was a young lawyer and meeting her future husband, Barack Obama, there were some […]

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Dermatologist Dr. Nokubonga Khoza Explains Why You Should Consider Facial Chemical Peels To Treat Uneven Skin Tone, Dark Patches, Acne & Acne Scarring & Skin Ageing

No one has perfect skin. We learn to live with our flaws and some of them even become part of the little quirks we consider friendly, making us who we are. On other occasions, however, these quirks can hamper our quality of life as a result of poor self-esteem and the time and energy devoted […]

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How To Prepare Your Hair For A Protective Style: 5 Easy Steps

Lately protective hairstyles trends are just booming, and even when you already have a protective style you just can’t wait to have the next one done. Protective styles are a great way to shield your hair from damage, especially the ends. A protective style is a style that keeps you from touching your hair daily […]

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