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We all know that for great hair we need to establish daily and weekly hair care regimens, which includes washing our hair at some point. Manipulating our hair through styling and detangling on a daily basis is stressful to hair and leads to breakage. On wash-day, the stress of manipulation is even worse as our […]

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7 Ingredients To Look For In A Good Conditioner

As a consumer we are always spoilt for choice, including hair care.  In order to avoid spending money, accumulating loads of products, wasting time and possibly experiencing hair breakage, it is important that we know and understand our hair and what it needs to be at its best.  Once we understand and know what our […]

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Best Oils For Hot Oil Treatments For Natural & Relaxed Hair

A healthy hair regimen should include deep conditioning treatments, which are a process where time is taken to permit good ingredients to entre the shaft of the hair and deposit much needed nourishment.  There are a variety of deep conditioning treatments geared for different problems encountered by our hair, one of the must-include treatments is […]

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Change Or Get Slow

I was approached at the end of 2014 to give a talk on “Health and Beauty” to an audience of 150 women ranging in age from 30 – 50 years in February 2015.  This simple request by a customer excited by her experience with my hair care products and my business ethos was definitely unexpected […]

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Active Ladies

Hair Maintenance For Active Ladies Working out has become an essential part of a healthy lifestyle because it has many benefits, including positive benefits for your hair.  The increased blood circulation to the scalp increases nourishment to your hair follicles and this is important for hair growth.  However, most of us shy away from the […]

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