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Why You Have To Deep Condition Your Hair!

Black hair is naturally dry because it is curly. The curlier, more coily and kinky hair is, the drier it is. Even if hair is relaxed, relaxing does not solve the dry hair issue. Black hair needs moisture to thrive. If you want your hair to look healthy or to grow, you have to hydrate […]

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5 Ways To Hot Oil Treat Your Hair

Hot oil treatments are an amazing, amazing deep conditioning treatment that leaves hair feeling good inside and out. It is a deeply nourishing treatment that resolves many hair problems. It leaves hair moisturized, shiny and soft. People with all types of hair can do hot oil treatments, whether you consider your hair naturally oily or […]

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6 Easy Steps To Prevent Split Ends

Split ends are the splitting of a hair strand and they are thee number 1 enemy against healthy looking hair or hair growth. Split ends lead to hair breakage and frizzy, dull looking hair. When it comes to split ends the only way to deal with them is to cut them off. Hair cannot “heal” […]

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Transitioning To Natural Hair From Relaxed Hair

Many women who are looking to wear their hair natural from relaxed hair, prefer to transition to natural hair without cutting their hair short and growing out their ‘fro from a TWA (teenie weenie afro). The big chop – the act of cutting all your relaxed hair off to start growing your natural hair anew […]

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Natural Products ARE Good For Relaxed Hair – 10 Tips For Healthy Relaxed Hair

Amanda Jingela Although it may seem there is a product segmentation, whereby products formulated with natural ingredients are for natural hair only, this is far from true. Natural products are good for relaxed hair, and it can be argued that relaxed hair needs natural ingredients as much, if not more than natural hair. All African […]

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