Black Pearl Collection

I am ecstatic to finally share and present to you my hair care fundamentals under my brand “Black Pearl Collection” with the tag line “Own It!“. You all know how proud I am of my hair. I put time and effort to keep my hair growing strong and healthy. My introductory Black Pearl Collection in collaboration with AfroBotanics is a capsule collection of the basics we should all have for good hair, whether hair is natural or relaxed. It is formulated using mostly natural ingredients that enhance and lock moisture in hair.

I believe that as women we should “Own It!” Own what makes us different and therefore beautiful and own our choices.This includes owning it when it comes to our hair choices. I own it when it comes to my natural hair, which means owning the shrinkage and the effort it takes to keep my hair in good condition.




Oil Blend

As a woman who is proud of my African roots and one who uses natural oils on my hair, I chose to honour the age old African tradition of using natural botanical oils by producing a blend of the best oils used by our ancestors for centuries. This oil blend locks in moisture, absorbs easily, isn’t heavy on hair, gives hair shine, penetrates hair to deliver nutrients. Does NOT contain silicones or mineral oil.

Conditioning Moisturiser Treatment

I carry my spray everywhere, it isn’t just an ordinary spray, it is a daily treatment that adds moisture to my hair and delivers a cocktail of natural oils and nutrients that penetrate the hair to protect it from drying out, prevent split ends, de-tangle hair and strengthen it.


Sulphate-Free Shampoo

In my line of work I use loads of products on my hair as well as sweat during workouts, I love using a mild sulphate-free cleanser to wash my hair as this allows my hair and scalp to breathe and to be able to absorb much needed nutrients and moisture. My shampoo contains tea tree oil and peppermint oil, which aid in stimulating hair growth and moisturising the scalp and hair.


Hydrating Conditioner

I have a lot of hair that is naturally very dry and thirsty, my hydrating conditioner is a big part of keeping my hair moisturised and healthy. I use it as a co-wash to cleanse, to moisturise and detangle my hair daily. I also use it as a deep conditioning moisturising treatment when my hair feels too dry and thirsty. It contains a high dose of natural oils that penetrate the hair as well as natural hair strengtheners that hydrate, protect and rebuild the hair.