Moisture Infusing Methods: The Baggy Method vs The Green-House Effect Method What are these methods? Is there a difference between the two? What are the benefits of these methods? The purpose of this post is to distinguish between two moisture infusion methods; the baggy method vs the green-house method. African hair is more prone to […]

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Parenting To Make Your Child The Best They Can Be.

Last week I attended the opening of the “Sibahle Collection” store at Ferndale Village Shopping Centre in Randburg. I found a happy space for my 2-year-old daughter! Sibahle Collection has adorable brown dolls in different sizes and merchandise that includes bedding, backpacks and party packs. Whilst there I spoke to one of the co-founders, Mrs. […]

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3 Basic Treatments for Healthy Hair

THE THREE BASIC TREATMENTS: A weekly treatment is probably the most underestimated process in taking care of our hair, and yet it is the secret that adds the most value in our healthy hair journey. All treatments result in healthier hair. The ultimate goal in order to have healthy hair is to ensure moisture retention […]

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3 Reasons Winnie Madikizela-Mandela Makes Me Feel Inadequate

Winnie Mandela reminds of the many African warrior queens we celebrate through our AfroBotanics African Queens Collection. We honour Asantewaa, warrior queen from Ghana, we honour Nzinga, warrior queen from Angola, and we honour Gwamile, warrior queen from Swaziland. There are many such women who have put themselves in violent situations in order to protect […]

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Unlocking The Locks On Hair Loss

Unlocking The Locks On Hair Loss Hair loss may not be detrimental to our health, but it certainly has devastating effects on a woman’s confidence and general sense of wellbeing. When we lose our hair, the feeling of beauty and self-worth often go with it. That’s why it’s only natural for women to try and […]

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