3 Food Items To Eat This Winter For Healthy, Growing Hair

Winter is coming and with it we often change how we eat, and gravitate towards comfort foods. We look at adding 3 food items this winter that are comfort foods and also good for your hair. Healthy hair starts with what we consume. As most of us have experienced, the cold and dry winter can […]

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The Root of the Problem: Permanent Hair Loss

Professor Nonhlanhla Khumalo, the head of dermatology at Groote Schuur Hospital, revealed interesting research in 2013. Hair loss affects at least 25% of black women in South Africa. This study was published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatologists in 2010. Eight years later, South African women are still dealing with the effects […]

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Giving Back – 100 Dictionaries Donated To Lindile Secondary School

We got a report last week that a donation of 100 dictionaries we made to a school in Mpumalanga in 2017 has yielded much improved results to the Gr11s at the end of their first term of 2018. We are so ecstatic and we’re encouraged that our small contribution has made a big difference. On […]

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Why Our Kiddies 5-in-1 Spray Rocks!

1. Detangles – it has twice the amount of naturally-derived detangling agents to dissolve knots and make detangling easier, whether finger detangling or by brush or comb. 2. Hydrates – it is a water-based spray that immediately replaces water lost during playing the sun, absorbed by clothing or sweating during play. African hair craves water. […]

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How Kiddies Hair Differs From Adult Hair

Most African mothers sweat it when it comes to taking care of their children’s hair. Baby’s hair texture will start changing from 4 months to be more coarse to the touch, generally more dry and tangling easily. At this stage baby still has a soft scalp and no mother wants to cause pain through combing. […]

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