Anita Boxoza – Why I Keep My Children’s Hair Natural & How I Care For It.

Why did you choose to keep your children’s hair natural? I had been natural for most of my adult life so it was only natural that they too remain naturals. My youngest daughter Nini (5) only knows me as having natural hair, where as Kamva(8) can’t remember as I cut my hair again when she […]

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Africa Day – Why I Love Being African

Africa Day – Why I Love Being African Africa Day, which was formerly known as African Freedom Day and African Liberation Day, is the commemoration of the founding of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU), now known as the African Union. The OAU was founded 25 May 1963, when 30 of 32 free African States […]

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Why Our Nzinga Repairing & Strengthening Treatment Rocks!

The Nzinga Repairing & Strengthening Treatment is a powerful protein hair mask for protein deep conditioning. It repairs, strengthens and protects hair from heat damage, colour damage and daily wear and tear. It should used at least once a month but more times if you have damage or to prevent damage. These are the main […]

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Harmful ingredients in hair products

We have been getting a lot of questions about harmful ingredients found in cosmetics products, especially black hair products. This intensified because of a recent study released by Silent Spring Institute in the USA that tested 18 different products meant for black hair and found a high presence of substances that disrupt our endocrine system. […]

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3 Food Items To Eat This Winter For Healthy, Growing Hair

Winter is coming and with it we often change how we eat, and gravitate towards comfort foods. We look at adding 3 food items this winter that are comfort foods and also good for your hair. Healthy hair starts with what we consume. As most of us have experienced, the cold and dry winter can […]

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