Never Relax A Colour

A few years ago I used always have my hair bleached blonde, most of the time it was my natural hair that I was bleaching, and although it was usually quite dry and brittle, it didn’t break excessively.  Then one day I woke up and wanted to have straight hair, I went to the salon […]

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Henna – A Safer Way To Add Colour To Your Hair

Henna – A Safer Way To Add Colour To Your Hair Henna, like Cassia and Indigo are considered to be a chemical-free way to colour hair.  These plant-derived colourants do not damage hair the same way that permanent and semi-permanent colouring systems do; and they are safe to use of natural or relaxed African hair.  […]

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The Basics Of Colouring African Hair

The Basics Of Colouring African Hair It’s summer time and there are vibrant colours all around us.  To switch things up, most of us, at one time or another, consider changing our hair colour.  The trick is to do it in such a way that minimal damage is done to hair.  Colour-treating African hair has […]

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by Sherrell Dorsey of I mention all the time the Just For Me story that too many of us recollect. That dreaded moment of sitting in our mama’s kitchen saturated with the creamy crack waiting for the burning to begin before she would wash it out. A ritual that’s been practiced in the black […]

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5 Tips To Keep Hair in Good Condition When It Is Braided

 Most of us love braids because they allow us to have a different look and braids can also be quicker to style in the mornings. Braiding is considered as protective styling because it’s meant to give your hair a rest from every day styling, rubbing, combing, brushing.  This everyday manipulation causes tension in the hair […]

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