10 Resolutions To Growing and Keeping Healthy Natural & Relaxed Hair In 2019

When it comes to our hair and getting our best hair, we get out what we put in. By putting in the time to know our hair and create and follow a healthy hair regimen we will experience our best hair.
Here are our 10 suggestions that if followed will help you achieve your hair goals:

1. Trim Ends

Give your hair a great, new start by trimming the ends. Hair ends or tips are the oldest part of our hair and prone to being dry and developing split ends and single strand knots. Split ends can be hard to identify with natural hair but easier with relaxed or straightened hair. Split ends and single strand knots cause hair breakage. Trim 1cm of hair every 4 months. Your hair grows almost 1cm a month if it isn’t breaking on its own.
2. Protect Hair When Sleeping
We spend at least 6 hours with our heads on a pillow, if hair is connected to a cotton pillow case or head wrap it will likely lose all the moisture it had, cotton absorbs moisture. Use a satin pillowcase or head wrap or bonnet every night.
3. Give Your Edges A Break
If your hair edges are thinning give your hair a break from braids or hairstyles that pull. Massage a growth stimulating oil on the edges and wear loose hairstyles until the edges grow and hair is thicker. Remember once hair follicles are pulled out through tight hairstyling, they are gone for good and hair will not grow again.
4. Eat For Healthy Hair
If there is one thing you decide to add to your diet it should be leafy greens, preferably raw in the form of a smoothie so you get the maximum iron from them. Iron is necessary for a healthy scalp and good hair growth. Also add foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as nuts or fish.  Increased water intake will ensure moisture from within. Adding these three will be a great start for working on healthy hair from the inside out.
5. Give Your Hair A Break
Some of us either have our hair in protective styles too often or too long. Or on the other end of the spectrum, we don’t give hair a break enough times by putting it away in a protective styles once in a while. Make it a point to start putting hair in a protective style every two months for 2 – 4 weeks. Or if you are trying to grow your hair try a different protective styling routine, put your hair away every 2 weeks for 2 weeks for 6 months and watch your hair grow.
6. Always Follow Shampoo With Conditioner
Wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo at least once a month and use a conditioner after every wash with a shampoo. Limit co-washing and eliminate product build-up so that your hair can absorb the moisture it requires. Never wash hair with a shampoo and not follow with a conditioner.

7. Deep Condition Hair Weekly

Deep conditioning is key to infusing moisture and nutrients into hair to strengthen and protect hair.  Natural and relaxed hair craves moisture and requires moisture to grow and prevent breakage. When we deep condition properly on a weekly basis, and follow with a good L.O.C routine our hair will never suffer from lack of moisture.

8. Use A Heat Protectant

Always use a heat protectant when using heat like a blow dryer, flatiron or a curling iron, this protects hair from getting heat damaged. Heat damaged hair will need to be cut off as it can’t be reversed.
9. Include Protein Treatment
Relaxed and colour dyed hair needs a protein treatment every second week to restore protein lost due to relaxing and dyeing hair. Natural hair also loses protein due to daily manipulation, lack of moisture and requires a protein treatment once a month. A protein treatment also benefits high porosity hair.
10. Know If Your Hair Is High, Normal Or Low Porosity
Knowing the porosity of your hair is more important than curl type, it determines how you moisturise your hair and your regimen. Including whether you should use heat-activated deep conditioning if you have low porosity hair. To know how to moisturise your hair right you have to know the porosity of your hair. Moisturised hair will be easy to manage, detangle and style no matter the curl type.
Porosity-Image        Porosity Test
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