How To Deeply Moisturise Natural Hair

Afrocentric Moisture Diagram

Curly, coily, kinky hair, whether natural or relaxed, craves moisture.  It is dry because naturally occurring sebum, which moisturises straight hair types, is not able to travel up curly, coily hair strands to moisturise them.

Sebum is oily and waxy and is produced by sebaceous glands to moisturise, lubricate and form a protective barrier on hair and skin.  All mammals produce sebum, just that for those with curly hair types it is not able to travel up the hair to coat it.

Natural hair requires consistent infusion of moisture and requires this moisture to be a balance of water and oil in order for moisture to be kept within the hair.  This is why it is recommended that water-based products be layered with oil-based products on the hair.

Most curly, coily hair types require application of a water-based product followed by an oil-based product.  Water-based products such as leave-in conditioners, moisturisers will eventually evaporate and leave hair dry again.  By applying an oil-based product over the water-based product the moisturising properties of the water-based product are “trapped” within or on the hair to keep hair moisturised.

If hair isn’t moisturised adequately it will develop split ends and break, it will also tangle very easily, feel coarse and look dull.


          Caucasian Moisture Diagram

How To Deeply Moisturise Hair:

Step 1:

Wash hair and either condition or deep condition hair. This should be done weekly, only clean hair, with minimum products will be able to absorb moisture.

Step 2:

Let hair air dry until damp or on dry hair, apply Nehanda Moisturising Leave-In Conditioner, Gwamile Curl Activator, Makeda Twist & Define Cream, Black Pearl Hair Juice, Kiddies 5-in-1 Sprayor Kiddies Creamy Leave-In Conditioner and then detangle

DSC_5564    CurlActivator            HairJuice  Attachment-1-3  Attachment-1-4

Step 3:

Apply Mukaya African Oil Blend over your moisturiser of choice.  This is the oil-based layer that will keep moisture in hair.  This will be enough if you have low porosity hair or if you have looser curls such as 4a, 3c, 3a curly types. 


Step 4:

For 4b and 4c hair and high porosity, it is necessary to add a layer of a thicker oil-based product like our Asantewaa Healthy Hair Butter or Kiddies Healthy Hair Butter. This ensures that moisture does not escape hair therefore keeping hair moisturised, soft, detangled and shiny.

boss girl 071                   Attachment-1-5

Step 5:

After applying the 2 or 3 products, it is recommended to braid or twist or bantu knot hair, because doing so closes the cuticles of the hair.  Closed cuticles ensure that moisture stays inside hair as long as possible and closed cuticles make hair feel soft and also look shiny.

Step 2 – 5 can be repeated every evening or every second day depending on your hair.  Often times after washing this must be done two days in a row and thereafter done every second or third day, depending on the condition of hair, or hair type (low or high porosity) and curl type (4c, 4b, 4a, 3c).

It doesn’t take longer than 30mins to perform steps 2 – 5 every evening.


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