How To Deep Condition Using The Afrobotanics Amina Deep Penetrating Moisturising conditioner


Our Amina Deep Penetrating Moisturising Conditioner is the best deep conditioner for deeply moisturising, hydrating and softening the kinkiest, moist coily of 4c/z hair! It rewards your coils like no other. It is a thick, creamy conditioner, formulated with concentrated natural oils and natural conditioning agents that are extremely beneficial and responsive to kinky dry hair.

Why Deep Condition?

All hair types require deep conditioning or treatments or masks. But for African hair, deep conditioning or treating your hair is the most important thing you can do. It is a must to deep condition African hair, whether natural or relaxed, once a week. African hair is naturally dry and brittle and needs extra attention and assistance to thrive. Deep condition makes sure hair gets the moisture boost, nourishment and strengthening it needs to be soft and smooth. Deep conditioning is a process where a concentrated conditioner or treatment is applied to the hair and left on the hair for a period ranging from 20mins to 60mins. This is to ensure that the product gets into the hair. Most other products are applied and sit on the hair, not penetrate it. The length of time, plus heat ensure that deep conditioning happens.

How To Deep Condition Using Amina Deep Penetrating Moisturising Conditioner

There are several ways to deeply condition hair, but what is common amongst these methods is the stimulation heat. Heat encourages the hair cuticle to open up allowing the conditioner to PENETRATE each hair, ensuring silkier and hydrated hair strands.

Step 1: Cleanse Hair

The best way to use the Deep Penetrating Conditioner to deep condition is after you have washed your hair with a shampoo. Clarify your hair only when necessary or once a month, using raw and unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar (mixed with water) or a clarifying shampoo. Washing removes product build up allowing for easier penetration of the conditioner into your hair.

Step 2: Apply Conditioner Generously

 After washing and rinsing shampoo, apply a very generous amount of conditioner to dripping wet hair. Do not dry your hair after rinsing off your shampoo.

Note: For that extra WOW FACTOR, simply add a small amount of our AfroBotanics Mukaya African Oil Blend to your conditioner in your hand before applying to wet, it is a blend of Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Avocado Oil, Marula Oil and Baobab Oil.


Step 3: Activate Conditioner Using Heat

Methods to Activate Heat:

  • Heat Cap: the heat cap is an all-time favourite as it requires the least admin, and at R600.00 max, is worth the purchase. After applying the Deep Penetrating Conditioner put on a shower cap, and on top of the shower cap use a headscarf to protect the shower cap from melting from the heat of the heat cap. Put the heat on the highest level, bringing it down as time passes. Sit for 20 minutes, cool-off and rinse off the conditioner.


  • Steamer: highly effective and worth the once off purchase of about R1200.00. We love the steamer because it really opens up the hair cuticles allowing for maximum moisture penetration. After applying the Deep Penetrating Conditioner, sit under the steamer for approximately 20-25 minutes, do not cover hair. Ensure to have a towel, as water will drop from the steamer. Cool-off then rinse off the conditioner.


  • Hooded Dryer: So there are two kinds. There’s the one which we are familiar with and have probably used a few times, the one available at the salons – more professional. Then there’s the smaller portable one with a hair bonnet that needs you to connect your blow dryer to it. However they work similarly. After applying the Deep Penetrating Conditioner, put on shower cap and sit under the professional dryer, or connect your blow dryer to the end of the hair bonnet hooded dryer for 20 – 25 minutes. Cool-off then rinse off the conditioner.


 IMG_5155          IMG_5157

  • Body Heat and Microwavable Heat Caps: The most affordable and also effective method. After applying the Deep Penetrating Conditioner. Apply a plastic cap and go about doing your usual in-house daily routines. Try and get in contact with the sun as much as possible, ensure that your head heats up. The aim is to trap the natural heat that you produce in the cap, so you can wear a beanie or headscarf too. For assistance use a microwavable cloth or a microwavable heat cap that you heat up in the microwave as instructed. You can heat it up as many times as you like. This method takes between 40 – 60 minutes. You can also heat up the conditioner for 20 seconds in the microwave before putting on your hair to get that heat going.

Step 4: Detangle

Detangle or comb hair after the heating process, whilst there is still a lot of conditioner in hair. It is important to always detangle hair to prevent knots and tangling, these will later cause hair breakage.

Step 5: Let Hair Cool Down/Off

After deep conditioning let your hair cool off before you wash off the conditioner. This is to ensure that your cuticles close before you wash. The heat opens your cutiles to let in the conditioner and moisture, to ensure the moisture and the good stuff from the conditioner stays in, the cuticle must be closed first. Letting your hair cool down closes to cuticle trapping the moisture in it before washing.

Step 6: Before Moisturising

After rinsing off the conditioner, leave hair to air-dry for a while before applying any product. This allows for excess water to evaporate and only the water your hair needs to remain. Moisturise and seal only damp hair hair. Apply your leave-conditioner or moisturizer or oil to damp hair. If you moisturise hair whilst it is too wet, your hair may get dry because the products would have evaporated with the excess water that still remained in your hair.

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