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The Ones With Purpose by Nozizwe Cynthia Jele, 2018
Category: Fiction
Rating: 7/10

What would you do if your sister or brother died and you were expected to take on responsibilities you are not prepared for, and you find yourself weighed down by other people’s heavy secrets? This is the position Anele finds herself in when her older sister Fikile dies of cancer, and cancers of different types threaten to ravage their family.

“The Ones With Purpose” is a story about the tangles that we weave and that everything has a cause and an effect as we journey through life making choices. A multi-layered family story that explores various social issues with death, secrets and lies as central themes. Parenting, siblinghood, marriage, community, and extended family relations are explored in different ways through the many textured characters in this story and how they relate to one another.

Fikile is diagnosed with late stage breast cancer and her pending death triggers the unraveling of lies and forces family members, some of whom have not spoken to each other in ages, to open up and embark on a journey of healing as they try to make sense out of life after the various losses they have experienced.

Nozizwe takes the reader through a heart-wrenching journey of grief and opportunities lost that give spring to renewal of family ties as Fikile’s younger sister, Anele, tries to make sure that the burial follows proper rituals and faces the daunting task of stepping into Fikile’s shoes to hold their family together. This is a story that anyone from any culture can relate to because the tangles could be happening in any family regardless of class and culture. The story is so well written it feels as if this has to be a true story and not a work of fiction.

This is Nozizwe’s second book. Her first book, “Happiness Is A Four Letter Word” was published in 2010 and was made into a movie in 2016. Both the book and movie were raving successes. Whilst “Happiness Is A Four Letter Word” is chick lit, Nozizwe’s second offering shows much more depth and unpredictability. It’s the kind of growth we expect and love seeing from an author.

The story is fast paced and punchy to reach a very dramatic climax but then doesn’t tie up all the storylines well for a closed off ending, it feels as if there will be a sequel, which will be even more dramatic. This book would make an excellent limited series for TV!

If you have read the book, please share your thoughts.

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