Henna – A Safer Way To Add Colour To Your Hair

Henna – A Safer Way To Add Colour To Your Hair
Henna, like Cassia and Indigo are considered to be a chemical-free way to colour hair.  These plant-derived colourants do not damage hair the same way that permanent and semi-permanent colouring systems do; and they are safe to use of natural or relaxed African hair.  Henna has been used for millennia as a colouring agent in Asia and Africa.  Here are a few facts about colouring with henna that you need to consider before colouring with henna.

Selecting A Henna Product
There are many “grades” of henna now on the market, with many henna products being mixed with other agents, which may damage hair really badly.  So it is important to select body art quality (BAQ) henna, which is pure henna.


Difficult To Remove
Henna is a deposit-only colouring agent and binds to the keratin (protein) in your.  This binding can make hair stronger, but is also makes it impossible to wash out henna.  Even using a different type of colour dye will hardly change the colour of the henna on hair, especially if you are trying to lighten your hair colour.  Changing to brown or black is easier.


Henna Is Red
Henna only comes in a red colour so there are a limited number of shades that can be achieved with henna.  With every additional application of henna dye your hair will become darker and redder.  Any henna product claiming to give shades of colour that are not red is not pure henna and use on your hair will have detrimental results. Henna doesn’t fade to an ugly red that usually happened when you’ve used permanent or semi-permanent red colouring systems.


Henna is difficult to apply, so it’s best to have someone assist with application to ensure even colouring of hair throughout your head.  Henna also takes a long time to colour hair, so you may have to sit up to 12 hours before washing it out to get desired colour to your hair.


Natural Shine
Henna is a deposit-only dye and sits on the outer cuticle of hair, this reduces hair porosity, protects cuticle and gives hair a nice smooth look and shine.  Whereas with permanent or semi-permanent hair will likely become more coarse and less shiny.

Safe On Relaxed Hair
Unlike permanent or semi-permanent dyes, henna is quite safe on relaxed hair, but only pure BAQ grade henna.  Henna that is mixed with other chemicals is disastrous to relaxed hair.  Relaxed hair is more porous than natural hair, so the colour uptake will be more stark.  However, henna washes off more readily from relaxed hair and will seep out when relaxer chemical is being applied, so it’s advised to reapply henna every 6 weeks to maintain colour.


Build-Up On Hair
Henna will build up on hair, especially with repeated application.  This will cause hair to lose its natural curl and may cause hair to become dryer because henna acts like a protein and hair with too much protein can become dry and brittle.


Caring For Henna-Coloured Hair
Moisturising daily and deep moisture conditioning weekly is a must after colouring hair with henna to avoid hair from becoming brittle by infusing moisture.

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